Mark to Take on 100 Mile Cycle Challenge

Robert Luff & Co. partner Mark Holding will be taking on the challenge of a lifetime when he cycles 100 miles across the South Downs in June for charity.

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Do You Have a Good Relationship with Your Landlord?

A recent survey carried out by property rental experts HomeLet which surveyed tenants for their views on the rental sector received a total of 20,000+ responses and a few answers that weren’t expected.

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Is Selling a Property a Seasonal Activity Anymore?

A question we often get asked and whilst we don’t want to be accused of sitting on the fence, the answer isn’t quite as simple as naming a day that is the pinnacle of activity.

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Buy to Let Property. Is the Party Over?

Just for a moment, sit back, relax and think, really think what you would do if one Saturday evening the six numbers read out on the lottery show were yours.

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Tenant Fees, How Will a Ban Impact the Market?

Like every other letting agent, we currently charge an administration fee to incoming tenants which covers the significant cost of referencing, preparation of documents, credit checks and everything else required before a tenant moves in.

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Nine Tips For Buying a Home With a Partner

Buying a home with your partner (or someone else) can be a huge help to get on the property ladder.

If you’re not married and buying a property with your partner it can be tricky if things don’t work out. Luckily, some simple planning can protect you both financially if you go your separate ways.

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