Land and new homes

We help developers find land and market their new developments, as well as helping buyers who are seeking a new build home.

Supporting developers

Across the south there is a shortage of homes compared to demand. In helping developers find land we hope to help ease this shortfall, as well as creating beautiful new homes in the Worthing and Lancing area.

We know Worthing and Lancing inside out so we are perfectly placed to find land and development opportunities for a wide range of purposes.

If you are a developer looking for somewhere to develop, or you are already underway with your build but are looking for an estate agent to market your new development then please get in touch.

Buying a new build home

New build homes are often very desirable. They are ready to move into and you know that there will no repair work or redecorating needed for several years. The new build property is also often covered by a guarantee - meaning if something does go wrong you won't be out of pocket. In some new builds you can also choose fixtures and fittings, meaning you can put your own stamp on the property without needing to do any work.