Solicitors pay an essential role in making the property buying and selling process run as smoothly as possible, so it's important you find one that is experienced in the conveyancing process.

What does a solicitor do when buying or selling a property?

Your solicitor will be an important point of contact for you throughout the process. They have various responsibilities. These include:

  • Drawing up draft contracts or terms of engagement
  • Liaising with other solicitors involved in the sale or purchase
  • Examine contracts and raise enquiries
  • Carry out property searches - such as with the local authority, Land Registry, water authority and Environment Agency
  • Apply for any mortgage monies once sale takes place
  • Exchange contracts and assist in setting a completion date

Choosing a solicitor

Deciding on which solicitor to choose can be overwhelming. You should compare the different levels of service you will get, as well as their fees.

We would be happy to recommend some local, experienced solicitors to you.