A Stroll Around 1930's Worthing

A Stroll Around 1930's Worthing

Worthing has an incredible array of property styles and for many, deciding on a preferred era can be a great way of narrowing down the daunting amount of property for sale.

For many, the 1930's style offers a blend of interesting features, practicality and good design.

The Art Deco period which began shortly after the end of WW1 reflected a sense of change and hope after the huge losses of the Great War as well as steering away from the slightly 'fussy' Victorian and Edwardian styles to cleaner more aerodynamic lines that also mirrored the development of new technology such as the great ocean liners and racing cars of the day.

Land at this time was also becoming more scarce and therefore more expensive (you see, nothing is new!) and so the 30's saw some of the first developments of purpose built flats. At the other end of the market, increased prosperity of the period saw the construction of some of Worthing's largest and most expensive property - think of a detached Mock Tudor House in the area and chances are, it's 30's.

So where are the properties?

Starting with flats here is my selection;

Stoke Abbott Court - classic 1930's fa├žade with clean lines and some nice period details. These are affordable 2 bedroom flats close to Worthing Town Centre which have been sadly neglected in recent years but substantial sums have recently been spent on improvements.

Arundel and Amberley Court - elegant and attractive flats between Mill Road and Lansdowne Road in West Worthing. Check out the brass fittings that make the communal halls feel a bit like an old ocean liner.

Onslow Court - Situated on East Worthing seafront this is a classic curve fronted 30's block with great views, a gated lift and Deco tiling and mosaics in the hallways.

Orchard Avenue - The classic. 1930's 3 bedroom semi detached houses. Just on the outskirts of Tarring and popular in every type of property market.

King Edward Avenue - Developed by Wilmore Phillips, a well known local builder at the time homes in this area vary between 3 bedroom terraces to some very large semi's, especially as many have now extended into roofs.

Third and Fourth Avenue, Charmandean - Classic 3 to 5 bedroom homes, many the Mock Tudor variety. Built for the movers and shakers of 1930's Worthing and frankly that's probably still the case with this wealthy enclave!

So if you are looking for a practical property with space to fill any requirement you're bound to find something in a 30's home, from compact one bed to large five bedroom executive home.

They knew a thing or two about building in those days!