A Walk Through Edwardian Worthing

Houses in Worthing from the Edwardian period (1901 - 1910) are amongst the most popular with buyers and with the recent uplift in the property market has seen demand go through the roof!

So why are they so popular?

I think that there are a few reasons for this.

The Edwardian areas are already popular with buyers as they are close to sea, town and some really well rated local schools such as Elm Grove. So to a certain extent, the houses would be pretty popular whatever era they were built in. But it's more than just that...

Much of Worthing housing is Victorian and again, whilst popular many are situated on busy roads and the old solid wall construction can be a cause of some problems. In comparison the Edwardian housing stock is often in quieter tree lined roads and as building standards improved over the years they make very dependable homes.

The quality is another reason. High ceilings, wide doorways and generous gardens make them both attractive and practical. Features such as cornicing or fireplaces (if you're lucky enough to still find them in situ) are simpler and more elegant than the earlier styles reflecting much more the fashion today for more minimalistic décor.

So where can you find properties like this?

Mainly in the Heene/Poets area of Worthing. Look around Heene Road itself, Browning Road, Chaucer Road, St Matthews Road, Shakespeare Road and Longfellow Road. Cowper Road has more than it's fair share although it is a busier road.

Head further towards Town and you'll find some large homes in the Warwick Gardens area although many of these have been converted into flats or guest houses. Personally I think that Brighton Road also has a few hidden gems.

And the cost? A stylish one bedroom apartment in an Edwardian conversion will set you back around £120,000 whilst a large family semi will cost anything up to around £400,000.

Thinking of buying? Take a long walk around the areas to make sure that the blend of character in an urban setting is really right for you then get in touch. Our Rowlands Road office is slap bang in the middle of Edwardian Worthing so we'll stand a really good chance of finding you something.