Is Saving the Cost of Professional Removers Really Worth It?

Well after months of planning and house hunting, you are on the move! The trouble is, you are really in a quandary... Should you pack your kit yourself and hire a van to move it or book a reputable removal company to do all the hard work for you?

When the Cost Is Worth It

The biggest difference is the cost. The cost of hiring a removal lorry with experienced crew is expensive - but can be really well worth it. If you are moving abroad, self-move is not an option as a good company that deals with international removals will be able to pack and move you safely overseas – and deal with all the necessary paperwork!

This is also a particularly important decision, even if you are making a local move if you have valuable china, glassware and furniture. The removal company covers all your possessions that its staff members have packed with its own insurance policy. The company also has strong packing boxes, bubble wrap, protective paper and strong tape which are all essentials for a successful move.

If you decide that a removal company is best, shop around as prices differ and check out its reputation and its online reviews. Expect to pay anything from around £400 for a flat to over £1000 for a larger 4 bed home.

A Removal Company Is the Easiest Option

Certainly, apart from the cost, having professional removers to pack everything, transport and then unload it all at the other end is the least stressful option. The removers are used to moving so will make speedy work of packing everything up. It is certainly a good idea to have a ruthless sort through all your contents well in advance because there is no point in paying to move unwanted items.

It also pays to think in advance where each of the pieces of furniture will be going in the new house and to label it clearly. A real bonus of having a removal company is that not only will all your furniture and other kit be unloaded, even the washing machine, freezer and fridge will be reconnected in your new home.

When Self-Move Works Well

A self-move works well if you have a manageable amount of kit and have some reliable pals who can help you lift all your pieces of furniture – humping and dumping pieces of heavy kit on your own is not a practical option. Your biggest challenge is finding a good supply of suitable boxes and old newspapers because even if you are moving just a short distance, everything must be packed perfectly to avoid breakages.

If you can take possession of your new home in advance and it is not far away, it will be possible to make a series of car runs to move smaller kit- the same maxim applies though, packing everything well to avoid breakage. On the day a self-drive van or 'man with a van' can be used to move the larger pieces of furniture.

The Best Solution of All

Having a good removal company really does make the difference, but if its price quotation made your eyes water, there is a great way to whittle the cost down – you undertake to do much of the packing.

The removal company will supply you with a generous amount of all the packing materials – but you will be warned that its insurance cover will not cover anything that its employees do not pack. You can pack your whole house contents except glassware, china, ornaments and furniture – you leave these precious items to the professionals.

As well as cutting the cost, you can pack as you want to. Carefully pack the contents of each room in turn. Prepare an inventory for each box and number the box, clearly marking on it which room in the new house it is destined for. Many removal companies have wardrobe boxes and these are brilliant as they take all your hanging clothes and you can put your footwear in the bottom!

If you pack each room in turn using separate boxes for each it makes unpacking really fast! The golden rule is not to make the boxes too heavy – you should be able to lift one side of the box off the floor easily. If you have boxes that will be going in your new attic or shed mark these clearly so they are put in place there.

The removal men will carefully and expertly pack chairs, chests and tables to prevent damage as well as dismantle beds - and that's one of the biggest bonuses of all... they will re-assemble all your beds ready for the first night in your new home.

Summary, moving home is an expensive process with solicitors, estate agents or letting agents, surveys, searches... the list goes on and on. In the grand scheme of things, unless money is particularly tight, we’d always suggest using a professional remover. Moving yourself always seems to take longer than anticipated and arriving in your new home exhausted and stressed is not the best way to begin your new chapter.

Check before you start to ring around for quotes.