Back to School

The first day back to school is now behind us. The nerves, preparation, anxiety about the year ahead. Questions like “Will anybody talk to me?” and “What shall I wear?” have now been answered.


And that’s just the parents.


Yes, for many mums and dads the first day back can be quite daunting. Lots to think about with none of us wanting to put a foot wrong and show up our offspring. They’d never forgive us!


Buying uniform, actually getting to school, after school clubs, PTA’s. Schools do a pretty good job at keeping us posted of the many activities that are on offer but sometimes we need to know who’s going to a particular club – perhaps there’ll be a child there who is a friend, or someone we’d prefer they avoid!


Thankfully we can now look to the internet to solve this real life issue. is a new National site but set up here in Worthing, where it is catching on fast.


It is aimed at Primary School parents and allows them to connect and support eachother. It might be someone to share the school run with, a babysitter, to buy or sell second hand uniform or any of the thousand and one issues the average parent faces daily!


Most of us are well used to allowing Social Media to get information so why not use it for this?


The thing is, it’s not always easy to strike up a conversation with other parents in the playground, let alone ‘friending’ everyone you meet. With Sharemyschool, you can quickly connect directly to other parent as you can search by school, not their name.


We know how important good, happy schools are to our buyers. School catchments are one of the top three requirements for thousands of buyers. Anything that helps kids enjoy school more, and parents have an easier life gets our thumbs up!


Good luck ShareMySchool – a great bit of home grown innovation.