Best places to get lunch in Worthing and Lancing

New to the area or just stuck for ideas of where to get lunch? We asked our staff to give us their top picks to get the best lunch across Worthing, Goring and Lancing.

Worthing & Goring


NRG Cavern - Picked by Adam Seymour, Mark Holding

6 Bath Place, Worthing BN11 3BA


Sea Lane Cafe - Picked by Kelly Johnson, Lee Quigley

Marine Cres, Goring BN12 4HR


The Swallow’s Return - Picked by Luke Mills, Dave King

South Downs National Park, 1 Titnore Lane, Worthing BN12 6PB


fEAsT - Picked by Mark Holding, Kelly Baumfield

4 Warwick St, Worthing BN11 3DL



Andalucia’s (Ferring) - Picked by Kelly Johnson

60 Ferring St, Ferring, Worthing BN12 5JP


The Cow Shed - Picked by Luke Mills

31 Marine Parade, Worthing BN11 3PU


The Chip Shop - Picked by Adam Seymour

1 Boxgrove, Goring BN12 6BR


Starbucks Coffee - Picked by Lee Quigley

22-26 South St, Worthing BN11 3AA


Mr Toys Flying Wok - Picked by Nicola Smyth

Arcade Buildings, 2 South St, Worthing BN11 3AL


The Piggery - Picked by Robert Gamon

2 Broadwater St E, Worthing BN14 9AA


Muldoons Cafe - Picked by Ray Aguirre

9 Warwick St, Worthing BN11 3DF





The Perch - Picked by Kelly Johnson, Adam Seymour, Mark Holding, Lee Quigley

28 Brighton Rd, Lancing BN15 8RA



The Coffee Lounge - Picked by Kelly Baumfield, Ian Robinson

14 South St, Lancing BN15 8AN


Truffles Bakery - Picked by James Brown

1 Queensway, Lancing BN15 9AY