How to get the best out of your home learning

How can you get the best out of your home learning?

Since Lockdown 3.0 was announced last week, many of us have reverted back to learning at home, my own children included. 

With two currently in high school the announcement this week by the Government that GCSE and A Level exams have been cancelled will be very demotivating, so I contacted one of my old High School teachers to ask for some advice on how we can work through Home School. Here’s what she said:

The announcement this week that GCSE and A Level exams have been cancelled will be very disappointing for many but this can be turned to an advantage for all students.  Due to present circumstances it means that students have more control over their final achievement, which will be by teacher assessment and not a one off exam. 

By now students will be accustom to online learning having been through the previous lockdown.  To maximise your potential you may find it helpful to follow these simple guidelines:

1.     Decide where in the house you find it most comfortable to learn. If you do not have a tablet or laptop to work on at home but have a Playstation or Xbox you can use these devices to access Google Classroom. *

2.     Set your device up with space surrounding you so that you can make notes from your online learning and research from the internet and text books.

3.     Make sure you have natural light during the day and your station is well lit.

4.     Use a comfortable upright chair which helps you breath properly and gives a good supply of oxygen to the brain.

5.     Work at a comfortable room temperature. 

6.     Be disciplined in how you manage your time.  Always set a starting time and stick to it. 

7.     Make a revision timetable to enhance your learning.  This work will be the foundation of any assignments you maybe asked to produce.  Research your subject using the internet, and reading round the subject with any text books you have available, this helps you gain those extra grades!

8.     Make sure you are always on time with assignments.  Never procastinate, missing deadlines costs marks!

9.     Coupled with hard work is the need to relax.  Make sure you take a break regularly while working, away from your sitting position, and set clear time limits to social media during your break times.  It’s easy to get engrossed and lose time on the internet, keep to your schedule. Ensure you make time for outdoor exercise.  We are very fortunate in Worthing to have the seafront, parks and the Downs ensuring we can easily social distance during our exercise.

10.  Follow your interests and hobbies.  Talk to friends so you do not feel socially isolated and in doing so compare with each other what you have found useful to help you progress.  This is an ideal time to take control of your own future!

*To access Google Classroom on an Xbox - Go to the Home Menu - Scroll down to Games and Apps - Access Microsoft Edge - Search Google Classroom and select the appropriate link.

To access Google Classroom on the Playstation - Scroll to the far right of the games bar to Library - Select the Library App - Use the search bar to type Internet - Select the Internet Browser App - Press the triangle button on the controller to search - Search Google Classroom and select the appropriate link.

Some very helpful tips on Home Learning there, and some great advice on keeping yourself motivated. 

Perhaps you could use the internet to help plan a work station / area in your home.  Utilising things you may have around the house to make a desk or an area in your home to work.  

Here’s a few great and inexpensive ideas we found on Pinterest. 


 *Image Source Pinterest

*Image Source Pinterest

*Image Source Pinterest