How to let your property faster

Although finding the right tenant for your property is something that shouldn't be hurried, at Robert Luff & Co, we are always keen to let to the right person as quickly as possible, we're very much aware that a few days delay here and there can cost a landlord a lot of money. After all, a property up for rent for £750 per month equates to merely £25 per day in lost rent for all of the time it is empty.

Factor in other things such as insurance, council tax, utilities, and maintenance and this figure could be much higher. Here are some ways to find that tenant just that little bit quicker.

Hopefully you will be using Robert Luff & Co to rent your property, so you know that we'll be advertising in all of the right places both online and in paper form, and we also have a large database of perspective tenants that we will contact.

Good quality professional photographs make the job much easier as do floor plans and full details so that people know roughly what they are going to see before they carry out the viewing.

If the property is occupied, make sure that the current tenants have every incentive to be as helpful as possible and allow viewings as required. Hopefully they will be positive about the property. But if there are any issues that need addressing such as dripping taps, dampness, etc. this should be done as soon as possible.

Tenants quite rightly expect a good standard of home, so you may wish to consider redecorating where necessary and having a professional clean carried out as required.

Particularly in winter, electricity should be left on, and ideally the heating on low to create a more welcoming atmosphere for viewings.

If the property has a garden, it should be neat and tidy. And if large, consider including a gardening service within the rent as many people do not like the commitment of a large plot.

Be realistic on rent

As often. it is better to let quickly for a slightly lower rent than to hold out for weeks and weeks for a higher figure. Consider incentives if your property is proving difficult to let. For example, home suitable for mature students may benefit from free broadband, or a family house may benefit from some kitchen appliances included in the deal.

Be flexible

Although you want to focus on the right type of tenant, be flexible in your approach...