How to Sell Smarter

Once you have made your decision to sell there are a number of brilliant but simple things you can do to make the process as easy as possible – and lets face it, it’s already complicated enough.

It’s not a bad idea to de-clutter before you go on the market – yes, buyers WILL open cupboards and peer in!

Whilst you’re doing it, try to find any paperwork to do with the property and put them to one side. You can make two piles, one for buyers to have a look at and one for your solicitors.

The buyers pile can include general information about the house such as;

  • The EPC.
  • A recent gas, electricity and water bill to give them an idea of the cost of running the home.
  • Some receipts or guarantees for things you’ll be leaving such as a new boiler or double glazing (your solicitor will also need a copy) – these will help reassure your buyer about future costs.
  • Details of a recent gas or electrical service.
  • Details of maintenance, remaining term and ground rent if your home is leasehold.

Think of it a bit like selling a car – those that have all the paperwork usually sell faster.

The solicitor will need to see;

  • Gas and electrical work certificates.
  • Any Title Documents you may have.
  • FENSA certificates for double glazing, even if it was installed years ago.
  • Damp proofing warranties.
  • Planning Permissions.
  • ID for all sellers.

Getting these ready before you go on the market will save a lot of delay and increase the speed and possibly even price you get. Bearing in mind a third of estate agent agreed sales fall through, you don’t want to be the cause of any issues due to late or missing paper work.

There are things that can be done if you can’t find something – duplicates can be obtained for many items or a seasoned buyer, will ‘take a view’ on many minor issues so don’t worry too much if you a missing something