Is Selling a Property a Seasonal Activity Anymore?

A question we often get asked and whilst we don’t want to be accused of sitting on the fence, the answer isn’t quite as simple as naming a day that is the pinnacle of activity.

To break it down a bit, the best time to sell is, of course, when there are the most amount of buyers actively searching for property. This tends to happen in quite noticeable cycles. We see activity, both new applicants registering, hits to our site and Rightmove increasing immediately after Christmas (26th December is one of the most active days online), in April as people start to plan schooling for the new school year and September, when children have returned to school and moves are planned in time for Christmas.

Shortly after when we look at our sales figures we usually see an increase in sales volumes as those buyers snap up property but sometimes the pattern is skewed by unusual events – elections, Brexit, bad financial news to name but a few can all adversely affect the market.

In simple terms it could seem that January, April and September should be the only times to try to sell but it isn’t quite as straight forward.

Sellers tend to think a bit like buyers, many rush to go on to the market at these peak times to take advantage of increased buyer activity. And this means an increase in property for sale, which ironically can suppress the chances of sale and even prices achieved as buyers are able to pick and choose from more stock.

We encourage sellers to consider marketing in time for the next upswing, before it happens, not after. This enables them to really benefit from increased activity in the peak seasons. Also consider the style of property being sold. A seafront apartment or home with large garden will appeal more in May or September than January whereas a cosy cottage will really appeal to Winter buyers.

Will these trends continue?

Less so as technology is increasingly used. Buyers can browse numerous photos, floorplans and area statistics from the comfort of their smartphone, no longer deterred from viewing by the thought of going out in bad weather to view numerous unsuitable properties. Its why Boxing Day is so busy now.

But there is something else that is smoothing out the ups and downs of the market. The property shortage. In such a high density, high demand area as ours, virtually every property that comes to market will be in great demand.