Get a Good Dose of Vitamin Sea!

If you are considering moving to the coast, you will be delighted to hear that doing so could definitely have a positive impact on your health. Opening your curtains every morning to a beautiful view of the sea will reduce stress, increase the sense of well-being and have a calming effect – and this has been clinically proven, it doesn't require a prescription and is totally free of charge!

Several clinical studies have shown that the closer you live to the coast, the better your physical and mental health. It is true that as Britain is an island, everyone lives less than 80 miles from the coast and experts believe that this really is a positive factor, making a day by the sea possible for many. The benefits of living just moments away from the beach and with a view of the sea from your window are many as they positively affect all your senses.

The sight of the sea

Colour experts often recommend the colour blue for bedrooms as it is a relaxing colour. The colour blue certainly has a positive impact on health as it relaxes and reduces stress and this can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Time spent watching the sea can be very beneficial as the colour blue boosts creativity too and you may well find yourself wanting to write, learn a new craft or dabble with a paintbrush.

The sound of the sea

Listening to the ebb and flow of the sea as you walk along the high watermark or sit on a rock, can be really beneficial as it has a de-stimulating effect on your brain and encourages true relaxation. It is no co-incidence that the sound of the waves is often used to relax customers in spas and wellness clinics and it is not unknown for them to relax so much they actually fall asleep!

The smell of the sea

The wonderful smell of the salty sea air is very uplifting and in Victorian days, was definitely what the doctor ordered! Sea air is fresh and unpolluted so is great to breathe and can definitely benefit those with various chest conditions and even a common cold. The smell of the sea can prove relaxing and restful too as the oxygen atoms have an extra electron and this negative ion has a soothing effect. This is probably the reason why it is so easy to enjoy a siesta stretched out on the beach (coupled with the lull of the waves!).

The touch of the sea

Swimming is very good for you as it is low impact exercise that is a good whole body workout. Swimming helps develop muscles, keeps your body flexible, is good for your heart and burns up calories. Swimming in the sea reduces stress and has been found to ease depression too. Sea water is great for skin as it contains many minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium which are all beneficial for a number of skin complaints.

The good news is that whilst the sea temperature takes time to rise to the summer average of 15-20ºC, once it has, it will remain constant until early autumn.  Enjoying a swim in the sea can be beneficial, there is something very special about walking along the beach barefooted or letting a handful of sand slip through your fingers – both of these can ease tension really well.

And the taste of the sea

Whilst a mouthful of sea water when swimming is not to be recommended, the taste of freshly caught fish enjoyed overlooking the sea definitely is! There is something rather special about visiting a fish market and buying some gleaming, freshly caught fish and enjoying it, simply cooked, with some fresh lemon juice. Eating fish is really good for you as it is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which help ease inflamed joints, boost brain power, reduce heart disease and are good for both eyes and ears.

In reality, you probably didn't need too much persuasion to make the move to the coast. Many experts believe that being by the sea has mental and physical benefits because so many of us link it with memories of happy family holidays in our childhood. With so many plus factors for your physical and mental well-being and your five senses, it would be a shame to delay checking out properties for sale on your favourite stretch of the coast.