Make your home more secure for your holiday

Packing for a holiday can be one of the year’s most exciting events. Sun cream, passports, tickets, phone charger, adaptor...

But it is well worth giving more thought to your home, likely to be left all alone when you leave.

Nobody wants to return to a burgled house so here are a few hints and tips to make your property more secure whilst you’re away.

You can find more at Crime Stoppers UK to take some simple steps before your holiday this August.

  • Leave low wattage lights on timers
  • Disconnect the doorbell, many burglars ring first to make sure you’re out and won’t be confident if they can’t hear the bell
  • Lock away ladders and garden tools that might allow easier access
  • If you can, leave a car on the drive
  • Hide keys to external doors. That way they won’t have easy access to carry things out
  • Hide car keys too
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to pop in to move post
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Don’t post holiday or airport pictures on social media until you return
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked
  • Check your insurance covers you properly and don’t forget that if you are away for more than 30 days many insurers stop cover

Just a few simple steps can really help to make your home safer but try not to worry – Worthing and the surrounding towns are some of the safest in the country.