Our Newest Ads – a Sneak Preview…

Plenty has been said and written about COVID-19 and the impact it has had on all of our lives, for many, tragically.

Life After COVID-19

But life is slowly beginning to return to the new normal giving us glimpses of what we have been missing out on since March.

For many, the enforced time at home has been an epiphany as they realised (or had it confirmed) that there is indeed more to life than the daily grind, commutes eating in to precious family time, the lack of any work/life balance.

Many will of course jump at the chance to return to their former life but many are now actively looking for change.

You can be pretty certain it is those in London who are looking enviously at coast and country rather than the other way around.

Now that social distancing rules are becoming a little more relaxed and the property market is functioning at near capacity, we’ve seen a great opportunity to help the thousands of people leaving the capital and bring in an influx of new buyers and renters, for whom Worthing and the surrounding towns and villages make perfect sense to move to.

If you’re local, you already know how well connected we are – an hour and a bit to Victoria, Gatwick up the road, Brighton 12 miles away - but you may not know that Worthing is one of the first places in the UK to install super, super, super fast broadband – 1000mb no less – meaning working from home should make Zoom conversations that go “I can’t hear you” and “can you see me?” a thing of the past.

Local Sussex Businesses

There are already some great design and IT companies here and we’re expecting to see many more arrive in our fine towns as the allure of The South Downs and our lovely coast prove just too tempting compared to the 07:25 from Clapham.

There is one issue to overcome though. Worthing is the less well known relative of Brighton and Hove yet offers many benefits as well as substantially better value homes. To let as many people as we can know this, we’ve launched a social media campaign shouting great news about our area and we’ve focused it in to areas of London where people are about to make their move. Our marketing team are targeting Facebook and Instagram ads in The City and around all of the major railway stations to be seen by the very people who will soon be looking to buy here.

So when they’re waiting for their train, they will see pictures of Worthing, price comparisons to highlight how much more value is on offer and information about lifestyle here on the coast as well as links to our properties to buy and rent.

We think it will work really well for our clients and will hopefully help give our lovely area a real jump-start.

You can see some of our featured adverts here in the article! 👇

And if you’re thinking of selling locally, get us around to find out if you can sell to one of our new lifestyle buyers – our friendly team are here to help.

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Eailing, West London

Hammersmith, West London

Shoreditch, East London

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