Summer property market update

To buyers and sellers it sometimes feels like a year is lacking something – namely two months! A year’s worth of property transactions have to be done in just ten months – obviously August and December with the summer getaway and Christmas slowdown are a write-off.

Or are they?

It’s true that August is slower than its neighbours, July and September with many people away, children off school and even many solicitors and surveyors off sunning themselves. But it also offers great opportunities. Lets think about selling – lots of vendors take their property off the market before August or wait until September to begin.

That means that any property on this month has less competition so is more likely to sell. A whopping 55% of people take their holidays in the UK every year. With Worthing and Lancing being popular with tourists, why not make the most of folk looking for a holiday home or wishing to retire to the coast?

And if you’re a buyer keep looking in the holiday month to get a head start on all of the buyers biding their time waiting for Autumn.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll sell in August or find somewhere to buy, but when you think about it, why limit yourself by following the herd when you could have a pick of property all to yourself?!

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