Top 7 Reasons Buyers Make the Move to Worthing

There’s no doubt that Worthing has seen an influx of out of town buyers in the last few years.

The reasons for this are many and varied and some of them are quite suprising. 

Here at Robert Luff and Co we believe that by taking the trouble to find out why people are moving, you are much more likely to find them what they want, so over the last few months we’ve been compiling a list of the reasons people from out of the area say they are moving to our town.

Because we thought price might be a big factor, we only included buyers in the stats, as opposed to tenants (although we have seen a rise in letting to non-Worthingites).

So, without further ado, here are the Top 7 Reasons (and some of our thoughts as to why)

#7 Crime:

Worthing is seen as a safer place to live, especially for those with families although a quick check shows that Crime Stats for BN11 (Central Worthing) V BN1 (Central Brighton) are a dead heat with 282 reported crimes each in July 16. It’s all in the perception it seems.

#6 Medical Care:

Worthing Hospital is very well thought of compared to those in neighbouring towns. It’s very telling that one expectant couple were urgently trying to buy so that their baby could be born here. 

#5 Schools:

Some very good schools and colleges around Worthing draw a lot of young families here.

#4 Potential:

It’s an often used word by estate agents but the potential of Worthing attracts buyers who see it as a future property hot spot.

#3 Quality of Life:

This means anything from the calmer vibe of the town through to the easy access to the sea, countryside and entertainments. 

#2 Parking:

This one surprised us, we can only assume that if you live elsewhere, Worthing seems like a place you can easily park near shops, work or home. You don’t however hear that from Worthing people very often!

#1 Price v Space:

The main reason that people seek a new home here in Worthing is the good value offered by our housing stock. There really is something for everyone without the eye watering prices of say Hove, Brighton or Horsham meaning that buyers can get a lot more for their money.

What do you love about Worthing? We’d love to hear.