More Space, Slower Pace and No Rat-Race

Millions across the UK have spent the last few months of lock down re-evaluating themselves, their lives and their priorities. Time at home with the family and crucially without them, has led to a national resetting of what we consider ‘important’.

Sure, with shops and offices just beginning to re-open, many of us will soon slip in to our old habits either because we want to, don’t feel brave or empowered enough to make a change or we simply take the line of least resistance and find ourselves back on the old treadmill.

You know the one...

Waking up tired, rushing to get ready, the school run, getting to work, paying £3.50 for a coffee to perk yourself up, doing a day’s work and then more or less the same thing in reverse just to do it again tomorrow...

Its not surprising Rightmove saw its biggest daily visits on 27th May, up 18% on the year before as 6 million people in one day looked for a new home.

And it’s the coast and country that buyers are looking for, and Worthing ticks both boxes. Demand for property in the town is already through the roof, a mixture of pent-up lock down demand and thousands looking to relocate here. Understandably buyers (and a good number of renters) are looking for space, fresh air and escape from the 9-5 (well more like 7-7) that modern city life demands.

And the buyers we’ve registered and sold to so far haven’t been looking for a summer home or seafront flat. Victorian terraced houses in Peckham selling for £800,000 make a Worthing equivalent near to the station, town and seafront at £340,000 seem as cheap as the chips bought on the prom.