What Should Be on Your Moving Home Checklist?

When moving there are a million things running through your mind at once and it can be quite overwhelming. A ‘moving home checklist’ is your best bet of keeping your move organised and smooth.

We’ve put together a moving home checklist of what to look out for when viewing a property. You can even use the checklist when making sure your home is up to scratch before selling or moving out as a tenant.

Potential Issues That Might Impact the Property

Check the Central Heating

When was the last time the boiler got serviced? Make sure that the last maintenance check was within the last 12 months, otherwise you could be facing a hefty repair bill if anything is wrong!

Make Sure the Electrics Are up to Scratch

Electrical faults are one of the most common causes of fire in the UK. Make sure you check the fuse box to get an idea of how old the circuit is, if any fuses need replacing and check the wiring around the house – if it looks suspect, get an expert in.

What Condition Is the Roof In?

If you have a slate or tiled roof you should check if there are any missing, broken or misaligned as this could cause future mould issues due to damp or worse. If the home you’re viewing also has an attic you should check for damp patches as the mould that grows can cause multitude of health problems.

Alarms and Security

It should go without saying but make sure every fire/smoke alarm works in the property, the maintenance is cheap and they’re literally a life saver. Does the property have a burglar alarm, and how is it monitored? If it’s remotely monitored does the alarm have a maintenance contract?

Are the Windows in Good Condition?

Check window frames around the property as any rattling or loose frames will show a potential botch job and could potentially cost thousands to fix. You should also make sure there is no condensation between double glazed windows as this will mean the seal is broken or damaged, again this could be costly to repair.

Are the Doors Secure?

Make sure all the locks on the doors are secure and have been installed correctly. Also make sure that you know exactly how many sets of keys exist. In any event we recommend a lock change when you move in.

Do the Radiators Leak?

Check the flooring/carpet around the radiator valves and find out if there are any damp patches make sure it’s not a leaking as this can cause damp issues in the future. Rust on radiators is also a giveaway that a leak is occurring.

Keep an Eye out for Damp and Mouldy Patches

Patches of damp can indicate a leak with the pipes in the property but also highlight an underlying problem, make sure new patches of paint or wallpaper are not hiding a mould problem in the property.

Mould can cause very serious health issues and should be a number one priority when checking your new home.

Are the Drains Backed Up?

Make sure the drains on the property are running well. Any unpleasant smells radiating from the drain could indicate they are blocked and potentially hazardous. Leaking drains can undermine the structural soundness of the property.