Winter Garden Ideas

Selling or not, it’s a great idea to get the garden looking it’s best for Winter.

A bit of colour will brighten up those grey winter days which will soon be on upon us.

A few simple things will make your garden or patio look great until the Spring daffodils break through once again!

#1 Garden Furniture – painting or treating your patio furniture will help it last through the Winter better but will also add a bright, clean feel to the garden.

#2 Winter Plants – it’s still possible to have some colour by using Winter flowering plants like Heather, Pansies, Cyclamen or Aucuba Japonica.

#3 Sort the Lawn – much of Worthing and the surrounding area has heavy clay soil. If you have a lawn, push a garden fork into it to give better drainage. If the soil is very clayish, brush in some sharp sand to help that Winter rain drain away.

#4 Sweep Up – keep fallen leaves swept up to stop an untidy look and damage to the lawn. Put them in a plastic bag over Winter for a supply of leaf mould in 2017!

#5 Plant Bulbs – nothing says Spring is on the way like daffodils breaking through. Plant them as early as possible or they may need an extra year before you see a bloom.

Picture Credit: Rose Davies