Wish You Were Here


Ok so summer hasn't officially arrived! But inbetween the rainy days, we've been out capturing some pictures of this lovely town we live and work in.  There's so much on in Worthing this month, it's great to see so much happening.  Probably top of the list is the Olympic Torch relay passing through the town on Monday 16th July 2012.  

If you're into surfing we've also got the Big Air Open surfing competition on 14th July 2012 in Goring.  Pier jumper Lewis Crathern (from Worhting) will be participating in the event.

With so many great events on and such great transport links (40 minutes from Gatwick, an hour and a half from London, 14 miles from Brighton) this is the perfect opportunity to come and visit Worthing and see what it has on offer.

If you like what you see, why not stay! We have a host of great properties on offer.