How to get the best out of working from home

The Pandemic has caused many people to change the way they work and that has had a huge impact on their lives.  Last March we entered into a scenario that no-one had encountered before.  A total lockdown of business except for essential services.  Whereas some people had already experienced working from home, to the vast majority of the working population this was an entirely new concept.

As a nation we witnessed MP’s, celebrities, pundits being interviewed on the television using Zoom, often at the kitchen or dining table being used as a makeshift office desk. 

A year later we are still being encouraged to work from home if we can and for the foreseeable future.  This has meant rethinking our working / domestic life from a different view point and trying to find a balance that works for both.

Is your home properly set up as your new office?

Despite two previous lockdown’s many are not properly geared up for working from home but it could be a more permanent measure for many businesses / employees - here are our top tips: 

1. The first thing to do is find a quiet space that you can dedicate to work at during the day and or the evening.

2. Set up a longer-term solution - perhaps you have previously used the dining table and had to clear your work away every evening.  Set yourself up with a more permanent base to maximise your time and reduce stress.  Maybe a standing desk (to which there are many health benefits) i.e an existing counter / breakfast bar area. 

3. If you don’t have space for a desk consider looking for an alternative option - like a small corner desk that could fit into a living space to a wall mounted fold down table that you could easily fold away at the end of your working day

4. Try to create a stylish / functional area to fit in with your home - this could be a more permanent arrangement and make your feel more motivated about your working day.

5. Posture is important so look to invest in a proper chair - have you been using a dining chair? speak with your employer who may be able to provide a budget for some more suitable working equipment if this is going to be a longer term situation.

6. It is important to have good natural lighting and ventilation at your workspace.

7. Ensure you are taking regular breaks away from your desk to stretch and take some time out from your screen.