Worthing to London

Worthing to London - 55 miles and a Million Pounds Away.

With the property market's well publicised recovery Worthing has seen an influx of visitors to the town snapping up property. The new seafront developments such as Mayfair House and The Beach Residences have rightly seen a great deal of coverage in National Press about the build quality, design and value offered by these top drawer blocks.

But why Worthing?

Well known for it's gentle climate, clean beaches and ease of access to cities closeby it also seems that price has become a key factor when Londoners consider leaving the streets of the Capital for the calmer, leafy streets of our town. And looking at these statistics, who can blame them (although we admit this is not what you'd call a Scientific Survey!).

So let's look at a few of our most popular selling streets to see how they compare with their London namesakes (Data kindly supplied by www.NetHousePrices.com)


Queen Street, Worthing BN14 House £212,000


Queen St London EC4R Flat £412,000         

Difference in London  +200,000

WORTHING: A short walk to Worthing Station. A trip over Broadwater Bridge to take in a show at The Connaught Theatre, Broadwater shops and Banks close by.

LONDON: A short walk to to Fenchurch St Station. A trip over Southwark Bridge to take in a show at The Globe Theatre, Bank of England close by.


Chaucer Road, Worthing BN11 Flat £162,500      


Chaucer Road London SE24 Flat  £472,500    

Difference in London +£310,000

WORTHING: Victoria Park close at hand. Have a swim in the sea, half a mile away. Easy access to main roads.

LONDON: Dulwich Park close at hand. Have a swim at Dulwich Lido. Easy access to the South Circular.

Elm Grove, Worthing BN11 House £255,000        


Elm Grove London, SE24 House £2.16m       

Difference in London +£1.9m

WORTHING: West Worthing Station a short walk. Popular Elm Grove catchment area. Worthing Leisure Centre at hand.

LONDON: West Dulwich Station a short walk. Dulwich College area. Crystal Palace National Sports Centre at hand.

Ultimately where people decide to live will depend upon work and family commitments as well as personal preferences such as those who choose a quiet life over the buzz of a big city, a brisk walk along Worthing Seafront or a stuffy journey on The Tube.

But London with it's high salaries, history, architecture, galleries, museums, restaurants and culture is a tough place to beat. But then again, it is only 55 miles away...