Selling your property

Why sell with Robert Luff

We have thousands of applicants waiting to buy from us!

We sell many of the finest homes in the area

We sell a very high proportion of what we list - something we're really proud of

In depth local knowledge

Nobody knows the local market like us! We have been helping people move for decades and with the help of experience and tech we know exactly how the market is performing, town by town, street by street. We have a partner in every office and staff who are from the area and love to help people get moved.

Selling across Worthing and Brighton - Marketing across London

Ever get the feeling some estate agents just put a property online and hope for the best? At Robert Luff and Co we target advertising nationally, especially in London – afterall Worthing and Brighton are fantastic areas for those wishing to escape the daily grind or buyers priced out of the London market.  With the Covid outbreak, demand for Seaside living has drastically increased as more and more people are working from home. Getting your property seen by the biggest possible audience starts by getting in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay anything up front?

Our commission, the fee you pay for selling, is due once everything is completed. However, we do offer premium products that may need to be paid for before sale - an EPC for example - but we’ll always discuss these with you first.

What if my buyer pulls out?

It is fairly rare for this to happen as we make lots of checks on buyers and chains, finance etc before proceeding. However, sometimes sales will go wrong for unforeseen reasons. Usually a new buyer is found quickly and the process is simply held up for a short time.

Do I need an EPC?

Yes, every property now needs one before sale, we can arrange this for you. However EPC's have a ten year shelf life so we can check for you to see if your home still has a valid certificate.

Where do you advertise?

Pretty much everywhere! The internet is really important of course so we advertise on the biggest and best property portals such as Rightmove. But we also understand the importance of social media and print advertising to get as many people as possible seeing the homes we have to sell. Regular London magazine adverts help to reach that huge market and show properties to buyers who may not have considered a move to our part of the south coast.

What about online agents?

We’re online - and you get the offices too! We believe that with something as important as a house sale local knowledge, finding solutions to issues that might crop up and being there to see the sale through to completion mean a purely online agent simply doesn’t work. People seem to agree, only 5% of all house sales are through online firms.

Why choose Robert Luff & Co?

We understand there are a lot of agents out there and we’re delighted you’re considering us. We have four branches with a partner in each, that work closely together to provide the best possible service to sellers. We use innovative advertising across every media and make sure every property looks its best with professional photos as standard. Branches are in prime locations in Goring, Tarring, Worthing, Lancing and Hove with staff who are motivated to be the very best. But then again, you probably won’t find an agent anywhere who’ll tell you they aren’t the best, so put us to the test. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed!

Help for Sellers


A solicitor isn’t there to simply look at the paperwork. Their role is essential in helping the process run as quickly and smoothly as possible. Ask about solicitors we know who do all they can to help.


Once you find a property, choosing a mortgage is your second biggest decision. Let our experts find the best rates and guide you through the process.

Jargon Buster

Buying or selling isn’t something most people do every day and some of the phrases you’ll hear may be confusing. Us our Jargon Buster and you’ll know your EPC’s from your STC’s and your BTL’s from your FTB’s!


An Energy Performance Certificate must be provided for any property being let or sold. We can sort this out for you quickly and easily.

We Lff Happy Customers

Worth every penny. Thank you.

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