5 quick ways to get more viewings on your rental

It gets quite frustrating when you don’t get viewings for your property. The typical trend shows that the initial few days on the market you might get a flurry of viewings for your property.

However, as the time passes by, the viewings start dropping off. If you consult an agent, often the first advice you will get is to drop the rent.

So, what else can you do to revive the interest of prospective tenants in your property?

Here we are listing 5 quick ways which can help you to get more viewings for your property.

  1. See your property from the renters perspective. With rentals property, tenants won’t be able to make any improvements so make sure everything looks clean, tidy and any repairs are done.
  3. Look at your property brochure description and see if it needs re-writing. You should first draw up a profile of the kind of tenant you think is most likely to rent your property and then write the list of features that will attract them.
  5. Keep your ears and eyes open and see what your competitors are doing. Take advice from owners in your area who have already let their properties.
  7. Consider an incentive for tenants. If the property has a large garden, throw in a free gardener. This might appeal to students, also consider offering free WiFi.
  9. Put up a To Let board. Lots of people drive around areas looking for homes, make sure that they know yours is to let.

If you need any advice about letting your property faster, get in touch with Robert Luff & Co. We have experts in the office on how to stage your home when looking to secure a tenant.