Property in Tarring

22 Jul, 2020

With parks, good schools, some lovely old pubs and easy commuter access, its easy to see why the Tarring area is so popular with property buyers...

Our Newest Ads – a Sneak Preview…

24 Jun, 2020

Life is slowly beginning to return to the new normal giving us glimpses of what we have been missing out on since March...

More Space, Slower Pace and No Rat-Race

5 Jun, 2020

Millions across the UK have spent the last few months of lock down re-evaluating themselves, their lives and their priorities...

Why We Love Ferring

3 Jan, 2020

Here at Robert Luff and Co we make no secret of just how much we love the area we live and work in. From Shoreham though to Ferring, we think it is one of the most welcoming, well-placed, well-connected areas for miles around. But we were thinking...

Why Property Prices Go Down as Well as Up

28 Nov, 2019

Being a property owner is special – especially as the house/flat that you own has been the single biggest purchase you will ever make.

Let's Move to West Worthing

11 Nov, 2019

Somewhere between Worthing Town Centre and Goring, south of the railway line that dissects our fine town, lies West Worthing with indistinct boundaries but a very distinctive character.

Lancing - 10 Great Reasons Why You Should Be Living Here

12 Jul, 2019

Lancing is a lovely extra-large village in West Sussex that nestles between Worthing and Shoreham-by-Sea with the gentle slopes of the South Downs as its backdrop...

Is Saving the Cost of Professional Removers Really Worth It?

24 May, 2019

Well after months of planning and house hunting, you are on the move! The trouble is, you are really in a quandary.

Worthing – Well Connected & Great Activities

14 May, 2019

There are certainly some great reasons to live in Worthing and the list has just got longer!

In or out of Town – What's Best for a New Business?

9 May, 2019

You have decided that now is the time to launch your new business and one of the most important considerations is where...?

Help to buy in Worthing – all you need to know....

18 Feb, 2019

It is getting increasingly difficult for young people to get on that first rung of the property ladder as the days of 99% mortgages have long since gone and now first time buyers need a hefty slab of money to put down as the deposit... which can prove almost impossible with travelling expenses and monthly rents to fund...

Buy a Property in Lancing, West Sussex

12 Feb, 2019

Lancing is a lovely village with almost 20,000 residents and is situated on the western edge of the Adur valley...

Get a Good Dose of Vitamin Sea!

1 Nov, 2018

If you are considering moving to the coast, you will be delighted to hear that doing so could definitely have a positive impact on your health.

Rare species spotted in Worthing – the first time buyer!

18 Oct, 2018

Data from UK Finance shows that there were 35,500 new first time buyer mortgages completed in August, 2% more annually and the very highest since June 2017...

So you have decided to buy a flat

5 Oct, 2018

For many, buying a flat is the first step on to the first rung of the property ladder, but for many others...

How to move to the right school catchment area

13 Sep, 2018

The most obvious way to secure your child a place in a particular primary or secondary school in Worthing is to make a permanent move to the catchment area. 

Are first time buyers back?

16 Apr, 2018

The number of first-time buyers peaked in 2017 with the highest numbers in a decade...

Shares versus property

2 Mar, 2018

“Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.” – Russell Sage

Should you use bitcoin to buy property?

21 Feb, 2018

“I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash.” 

A walk around East Worthing

4 Sep, 2017

To many East Worthing is that bit of the seafront road on the way to Brighton, or a quick visit to a DIY superstore. But take a closer look to find some beautiful property and some great amenities.

These Are the 5 Must Ask Questions When Buying a Flat

10 Aug, 2017

There’s a lot to take in when buying a new property so we’ve highlighted 5 of the must ask questions that will help you make a decision.

Don’t jump into the unknown without knowing the answers to these questions!

Is It Time for You to Upsize?

18 Jul, 2017

Have you been late for work due to the morning queue for the single bathroom in the house? Considering triple bunk beds because of your growing family?

Then maybe it's time you upsized your home!

Is Selling a Property a Seasonal Activity Anymore?

19 May, 2017

A question we often get asked and whilst we don’t want to be accused of sitting on the fence, the answer isn’t quite as simple as naming a day that is the pinnacle of activity.

Buy to Let Property. Is the Party Over?

11 May, 2017

Just for a moment, sit back, relax and think, really think what you would do if one Saturday evening the six numbers read out on the lottery show were yours.

Nine Tips For Buying a Home With a Partner

19 Apr, 2017

Buying a home with your partner (or someone else) can be a huge help to get on the property ladder.

If you’re not married and buying a property with your partner it can be tricky if things don’t work out. Luckily, some simple planning can protect you both financially if you go your separate ways.