Your Guide to Renting a Property

30 Oct, 2023

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) for tenants regarding renting a property

Letting Agents' Charges – Still a Grey Area?

17 Dec, 2019

On 1st June 2019 a new law was passed banning a number of upfront charges raised against renters - but in some areas, this unscrupulous practice has continued.

Happy Tenant, Happy Landlord – the Welcome Letter

9 Oct, 2019

Whether you are using an agent to find a tenant for your property all going it alone it's a lovely gesture to leave a note for the new tenant with some handy tips, advice and a few friendly words.

Late Rent? Here’s What Every Landlord Needs to Know...

1 Aug, 2019

For whatever reason, sometimes a tenant can’t or simply won’t pay the rent...

The Ten Mistakes That Some New Landlords Make

18 Jun, 2019

Becoming a landlord for the first time can be quite complex with many different points to remember and new responsibilities...

Turning Your Rental Property into Home

24 Apr, 2019

There are more and more people renting property in the UK for the long term whilst they struggle to get the money together for a deposit...

Renting with Pets

8 Apr, 2019

Britain is the land of pet lovers; in fact 48% of the population owns a pet and one in five households has a pet.

How to secure a rental property faster

8 Aug, 2018

If you’ve been looking to rent a property anytime in the last few years you probably know just how tricky it can be...

5 quick ways to get more viewings on your rental

17 Apr, 2018

It gets quite frustrating when you don’t get viewings for your property. The typical trend shows that the initial few days on the market you might get a flurry of viewings for your property. However...

5 top ways to secure your new home faster!

13 Apr, 2018

Let’s face it, whilst moving home can be exciting, it can also be full of lows as well as highs...

Letting Agents’ Fee Ban, What’s The Latest?

22 Mar, 2018

The letting agent fee ban when implemented will be a big relief to millions of tenants as it will bring an end to the upfront fees which they had to pay to agents when renting a property. However...

Renting versus buying a property

16 Feb, 2018

Landlords grow rich in their sleep – John Stuart Mill

How to let your property faster

30 Jan, 2018

Although finding the right tenant for your property is something that shouldn't be hurried, at Robert Luff & Co, we are always keen to let to the right person as quickly as possible, we're very much aware that a few days delay here and there can cost a landlord a lot of money.

Hints to find your new home faster

30 Jan, 2018

There are a number of things as a potential tenant that you can do to speed up the process and increase the chances of things going through without a hitch.

Renting? You need to know this

12 Sep, 2017

Although we do all we can to assist movers, it can still be a daunting prospect for some with lots of paperwork to look at and checks that need to be made.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Keep Yourself Protected

9 Aug, 2017

With more and more legislation being brought in by the government landlords have to be savvier with their property investment.

The Tenant Fee Ban. What We Think

8 Aug, 2017

It appears that the government intends to push ahead with the proposal to forbid all letting agents from making any charge to a tenant for what are usually referred to as ‘admin’ or ‘referencing’.

Why It's Sometimes Better to Rent Rather Than Buy

17 Jul, 2017

Research from the latest English Housing Survey (EHS) shows that around 20% of the population are now private renters.

There can be some great advantages to renting over owning a house. Here are some of our thoughts why...

How to Keep Your Tenant Happy

14 Jul, 2017

Keeping a tenant happy is well worth the investment as continuously replacing tenants can be costly. Letting agent fees, periods of vacancy, inventory checking, deep house cleaning, check in and out costs and admin fees all add up to a cost that will have you baulking.

Do You Have a Good Relationship with Your Landlord?

23 May, 2017

A recent survey carried out by property rental experts HomeLet which surveyed tenants for their views on the rental sector received a total of 20,000+ responses and a few answers that weren’t expected.

Tenant Fees, How Will a Ban Impact the Market?

20 Apr, 2017

Like every other letting agent, we currently charge an administration fee to incoming tenants which covers the significant cost of referencing, preparation of documents, credit checks and everything else required before a tenant moves in.

Still No Date Set on Letting Fees Ban

9 Mar, 2017

It's been more than a month since the Housing White Paper was published and the widely anticipated letting fees ban still has no date set in stone. Introduced during last year's autumn statement the initial reaction.

Tenancy Deposit Protection - What is it and what protection do I get?

16 Feb, 2017

When renting a property many landlords require that you give them a deposit. This is often 4-6 weeks’ rent - which can amount to over £1,000.

Not many people have this kind of cash spare so knowing that your deposit is safe and that you will get it back at the end of your tenancy is important.