Do You Have a Good Relationship with Your Landlord?

A recent survey carried out by property rental experts HomeLet which surveyed tenants for their views on the rental sector received a total of 20,000+ responses and a few answers that weren’t expected.

Do You Fit the Profile of a 'Normal' Tenant?

Key insights into the industry showed that relationships between Landlords and Tenants are not as toxic as portrayed, with 72% of tenants claiming that they are happy (very happy – 41% and quite happy – 31%) with the relationship between their Landlord. Only 14% of tenants surveyed were dissatisfied with their Landlord.

50% of tenants also feel that they’re currently getting good value for money (very good value for money – 15.5% and quite good value for money – 34.1%) with only 5.8% of renters arguing that they definitely don’t get value for money.

The top three reasons people also rent are, the flexibility to move easily if need be, location of the property and the ease of property maintenance (i.e. house repairs).

If you would like to read the full survey from HomeLet, you can find the full PDF document here.

Keeping an agent between a landlord and tenant is a great way to stop any minor issues getting out of hand. Contact us to find out how we can help.