Add value to your house by giving your garden a makeover

Since lockdown, many house buyers view a garden and outside space as a top priority. According to Property Price Advice, a nice garden can add 20% to the value of your home and 72% of house buyers have said they will pay more for a property with an attractive garden. Having said this, most buyers do not want to have to start work on their new property as soon as they move in and are looking for a workable garden that they can adapt in years to come. There are a number of things you can do that will improve your garden in the eyes of potential buyers. It is essential your garden looks good if you are selling in the forthcoming months as the sunny weather will get everyone in the mood for spending time outdoors..

Kerb appeal is crucial

First appearances really do count! How potential buyers see your house from across the street is vital. You may well have repainted the front door and window sills and frames, but have you done anything with the garden?  Your front garden needs to look tidy and well cared for. Ensure that the lawn is regularly cut and trim the edges. If there are bushes or a hedge, now is the time to give them a good prune to smarten them up. 

Dig the flowerbeds well and remove any weeds and dead plants. Does your garden lack colour? Add instant colour by planting some of the colourful annuals available in garden centres right now. Choosing a single colour theme such as purple can look very effective. As well as flowers, choose some perennial plants with interesting coloured or textured leaves. A beautiful hanging basket or two will look really good.

Is your garden path and drive in good condition? Are they covered in weeds?  If you have a garden fence, give it a fresh coat of wood paint as this will make all the difference.

Tidy up your back garden 

Make sure that your back garden is looking good too. Cut the grass regularly and trim the edges. Prune the hedges and bushes and cut away any low branches on trees. Clear out dead plants from flower beds. Repaint the wooden fence – this really does make a big impact. If you have wire fencing, check that it is in good repair. Having a secure garden will attract buyers with children or dogs. Clean any pathways if they are covered in weeds or moss. These are all time-consuming jobs, but gardens are really important to house buyers. Once these jobs have all been completed, consider the following:

Create an attractive outside space

Have you got an outside seating area?  If it is decked, nice the wood a coat of paint.  If the area is situated next to your garage wall, make the wall look more attractive with a fresh coat of paint and hanging baskets.  If you don't have an outside space, can you create one? House buyers like to imagine dining outside and children playing happily.  Even a small round table and a couple of chairs is perfect for al fresco dining and will look inviting.

Add some garden lighting

Enhance your outside space with some lights so that it is perfect for summer evenings. There is a great variety of different solar lights available and these can be used to great effect; practically to light up a dining area and also creatively along path edges or to emphasise a pond or ornamental tree.

Make a vegetable patch

Have you got a flower bed with nothing in it? Why not transform it into a veggie patch? These are really popular and look great. The advantage is that you will be able to enjoy home grown vegetables this summer!  Alternatively, create a herb garden as nothing sounds more appealing than cutting fresh herbs for your cooking.

Think about privacy

People prefer to enjoy their garden without feeling that they are being watched. Perhaps you can install a rattan panel near your sitting area or invest in a fast-growing decorative tree to provide a little privacy.

Spring clean your shed!

Sheds are right back in fashion, but not to be used as junk stores but ‘man caves’ and ‘she huts’. So many people are now working from home that sheds are proving a popular way to create valuable space for the family. If you have a shed, clear all the junk out or tidy it into cupboards and create a simple office area so that house buyers could see its potential.

If you have a summer house or conservatory get to work on making it look clean and tidy. Give a fresh coat of paint where needed and importantly, create space in it so house buyers will see what a bonus it will be!  

Add flower power!

If you are going to be adding some flowers to your garden, an interesting survey conducted by OnBuy Garden Furniture found that the three most desirable plants that you can have in your garden are hydrangea (78% of people really like them), lilies and lavender. Scented plants like jasmine are also very popular. 

If you need another incentive to give your garden a makeover, 67% of house buyers are more likely to view a property if it has a well-kept garden...