Robert Luff & Co are going Greener in 2020

Robert Luff and Co – turning over a new leaf

Since we began all those years ago, we’ve focussed as much as we could on growing the business and aiming for customer delight within local estate agency. And these years later, one small office has grown to four and what we do has increased from simply selling property, to lettings, property management, commercial property and investments.

But along the way I think we have to admit something that we haven’t done as well as we should…

In the day to day rush we haven’t paid enough attention to the impact our business might have on the world around us.

Like so many people and businesses around the world, there was more we could have done to reduce the impact of our business on the environment, and this year, we’re going to begin to get things right.

And it is just that – a beginning. There is a lot to be done, an endless amount frankly, but even by starting, we can begin to make a difference. 

And we won’t be doing this by simply telling our colleagues to recycle more or use the car less - this is going to be a journey, a learning curve and hopefully an interesting and fun experience for all of us. Everyone will play their part and ideas from everybody will be welcomed. 

So what’s in store?

Well the thing is, to keep ourselves motivated, we don’t want to bring out some long list of objectives. It’s a long journey ahead but each step will get us closer to the destination, so we’re going to keep it simple, and motivated. 

Every month or so we’ll be rolling out another step - it could be something easy or it could be something that takes time to plan and implement. But we’ll publish each one on our website and social media so our followers can check in to see what we’re doing and help keep us on track because if there’s one thing we don’t do at Robert Luff, it’s promising something and not delivering!

So what next?

We’ve already rolled our first idea out to our colleagues and the reaction was amazing. Literally everyone agreed that cutting down on waste and using fewer resources was one of our biggest priorities – and if we’re completely honest, one of our biggest challenges. 

But, we knew they’d rise to the challenge and everybody is keen to play their part, to crack on and do it in 2020 and beyond.

So the next stage is to simply take the first step. 

Keep an eye on our social media, where we’ll announce each new idea. And we’ll post pictures along the way, just so you can be sure we’ve kept to our pledges! 

And if you have any ideas, perhaps things you have done in your home or workplace that have helped cut emissions or waste, please let us know – you might well see us following suit. You can email with the subject line Greener 2020 and your suggestions.

We look forward to hearing from you.