How do you find out how old your home is?

You may want to know the age of your home for an array of reasons. Luckily it’s not that hard and you have tools at your disposal.

One handy way to find out the age of your property is to look for indicators such as:

The style of doors on the property

Architraves on the doors

What style are the windows and roofs?

What type of construction is the property?

There are also other ways of finding out the age:

If you’ve just bought a property check with the solicitor you used

If you’ve recently got a mortgage the survey may say how old your property is

Contact your local authority as they may have details about when planning permission was given

Your property deeds may hold information on when the house was built

We’ve also found an online tool by quick buying company House Buy Fast that lets you get a quick and rough estimate on the age of your property. It’s a fun interactive quiz that will give you an answer for free and quick.