Love Where You Live, Why We Love Worthing

Look carefully on some official town documents and in Worthing Town Hall and you might notice a Coat of Arms – yes, Worthing has it’s very own.

Beneath it is an intriguing motto - EX TERRA COPIAM E MARI SALUTEM. Now if, like us, Latin wasn’t on the school curriculum you will likely be as confused as we were about the meaning, but lets just say, it makes perfect sense to us…but more of that later…

You see, we absolutely love Worthing. Yes, we know it isn’t perfect, where is, but Worthing is ours. We belong here and in a way, Worthing belongs to us. 

Born and raised in the town, we’ve seen it change yes, but the important things remain. The things that we love. It’s why we choose to live here, work here, raise a family here.

Worthing means different things to different people and alas, there is a lot of chatter on social media that would make you think it is a hotbed of vice and deprivation. It isn’t! Worthing has, thanks to it’s residents and it’s lucky geographical position, fared far better than many similar coastal towns, remaining safe, prosperous and friendly. In fact a survey by The Office for National Statistics, no less, found it to be the 5th happiest place in the country to live – that’s a big achievement considering 22,000 were asked about 194 towns! The reasons people gave for their happiness here included a sense of community, safety, earning potential and access to doctors. 

But it doesn’t stop there.

The Guardian newspaper recently praised it’s ‘leafy avenues and seaside terraces’, encouraging out of town buyers and renters to look here instead of London or Brighton and Hove.

And with those cities just 75 and 22 minutes away by rail, they have a good point.

Restaurants such as Efes, Crabshack and Pitch often receive national level praise from food critics, and a selection of micropubs has bolstered an already busy pub scene.

The excesses of the night before can be worked off in the brilliant Splash Point complex or David Lloyd where tennis players flock to play in the only indoor facility for miles around. The less active can visit one of three cinemas or three theatre/concert halls – a huge selection for a town of this size.

We’re pleased to see that Worthing has been chosen as one of the first towns to get £2.5bn of fibre broadband, currently being installed. It will give homes and business up to 1000mb, surely more than anyone will ever need! 

And what about where Worthing is? The seaside with a chance to fish, kite surf, stroll and paddle to one side. South Downs to the other for walking, biking or just taking in the views. 

So what of that motto on the Town Hall Coat of Arms?

'From the land plenty and from the sea health'

We think that sums Worthing up pretty well.