Organising a Platinum Jubilee Street Party

Are you hoping to hold a street party for the Platinum Jubilee, but aren’t sure where to start? Read our in-depth blog, including how to get permission for a street party, road closures, food and drink and decorating for the celebrations. 

The official day planned for the Big Jubilee Lunch is Sunday 5th June when up to 10 million Brits are planning to celebrate in the Queen’s honour, however the whole 4-day bank holiday weekend will be used for various events and celebrations. Organising a street party is a lot simpler than you might think. Anyone who wants to hold a street party is welcome to do so any time during the bank holiday weekend.

You’ll need to let the council know of your plans and complete an application for your road to be closed that day. Many councils are wavering the cost of the road closure for this bank holiday weekend only, but it’s worth checking with your local council. The government is advising that organisers give themselves at least six weeks’ notice to start party planning.  

Here are some things to be aware of:

·      It’s legal for anyone to hold a street party over this bank holiday weekend 

·      You’ll need to fill out a government application on your local council website

·      You’ll also need to apply for a temporary road closure 

·      No risk assessment is needed 

·      Give your neighbours plenty of notice! 

How can I get my neighbours involved? 

Once you’ve decided you’d like to host a street party, invite/notify your neighbours of your plans as soon as possible, this will give them the option to join in or opt out and make other plans if they choose to. The response will give you a good indication whether it is worth the planning or not.  

Hopefully, you’ll have a positive response, Facebook/WhatsApp groups are a great way for residents to share ideas and plan for the event.

Food & Drink for a Jubilee Street Party 

Once you have your date and time agreed and your applications are all sorted, the next item on your list should be food and drink! This can be quite a simple affair, consisting of finger sandwiches, sausage rolls and cakes. If all else fails, you can also rely on a trusty cheeseboard. When it comes to drinks, you’ll be able to serve alcohol without a license if you aren’t charging for it. Without saying, a traditional English Tea should also be available – so you may wish to think about having a tea urn available. 

How to Decorate for a Jubilee Street Party 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to decorate your road is to hang bunting across the criss-crossed over the street. Flags can also be used on the tables and hung along porches. If there is enough room, having trestle tables in the middle of the street is the most traditional way to have your party. 

To matter how big or small you decide to celebrate, it will mark a wonderful weekend for everyone to spend time with their friends and families again after a turbulent couple of years. For more information on the Platinum Jubilee, you can visit the official website