Selling? Tried and Tested Ways to Speed Your Sale

Maybe not.

Whilst you might think that your home is at it’s best ready for marketing, you’ll need to put yourself almost literally into your buyer’s shoes and take another look.

Start from the street. Is the property clearly numbered, is the gate in need of some oil, are there weeds and an unkempt lawn? Is your wheelie bin in prime position? Not the most attractive feature perhaps so pop it out of sight.

Clean the windows and frames inside and out. Got nets? Give them a good clean too, it’ll make a huge difference. Once the buyer rings your bell and you open the door, what are they going to think?

Avoid cooking your favourite fried onion meal for at least a day before a viewing and plug in some good quality air fresheners to subconsciously inform the buyer that they are in a clean, fresh home.

Obviously you can keep the property clean and clutter free but it can often help to make sure that every room is used for it’s original purpose so consider moving the dusty gym equipment out of the small bedroom to show viewers how your property could become their home.

There are many other things that can be done, just get in touch and we’ll give you all the advice you need.