Six Things You Can Do With Our Newspaper You Can’t With An iPad

You may have seen one of our Robert Luff and Co Newspapers, The Worthing News which have been going through doors in Worthing and given out at railway stations throughout the area. They’ve been taken far and wide – we’ve had readers send us photos of them reading them in Brighton, London, Paris and even Dubai!


There’s no doubt that despite the decrease in newspaper sales since the digital age, there is something missing when we read the news on a tablet or smartphone. The tangible feel of the paper, the fact you can tear a bit out for later and even the smell of the ink (weird but a lot of people say this!).

It got us thinking.

What else can you do with a newspaper that you can’t with a tablet?

Here’s a list of our favourites.

  • Glass. Yes Granny was right, using a newspaper really does leave a streak free gleam. Ideal for car windscreens too.
  • Shoes. We all polish our shoes daily right? Hmm, well perhaps we would if there were enough newspaper to protect the carpet from the evil polish that can’t wait to leave it’s mark!
  • Pets. What else do you put in the bottom of your parrot’s cage?
  • Fire. Something to get the barbeque lit in Summer or the bonfire going this November 5th.
  • Weeds. Not tried this one but have it on good authority that if you lay paper down on flowerbeds, water it and cover with mulch it stops weeds.
  • Moving. Very appropriate for us. Use a paper to wrap heirlooms, cups and saucers when you move home.

If you know of any others, please get in touch! 

The next edition (Issue 2) of The Worthing News is out 1st November. Pick up a copy at stations, cafes, newsagents or from one of our offices.