Happy Tenant, Happy Landlord – the Welcome Letter

Whether you are using an agent to find a tenant for your property or going it alone it's a lovely gesture to leave a note for the new tenant with some handy tips, advice and a few friendly words.

Many landlords don't consider this but we think that getting off on the right foot is a lovely gesture and can really help to make a smooth working relationship for years to come between landlord and tenant.

But what do you say in a letter that you leave for them?

Well you don't have to worry we've done the hard work for you!

We have created a template for you to adapt as you wish.

Simply cut and paste the wording below and alter as required. Many landlords choose to leave some flowers or a bottle of wine for their new tenant.

We hope you find this template useful – for any other ideas or assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of our brilliant staff.

Landlord to Tenant Welcome Letter Template


Dear (......),

Firstly, congratulations on your new home!

We hope that you have a wonderful time living at (full address with postcode).

We thought that some information about your property might be useful for you and help you to settle in as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Of course if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact (agents name and contact details and/or landlord name and details).

So it’s moving day and your lease has begun on (moving day).

We hope that you find it is in the condition you would expect - we've made sure that it's clean and tidy for you and we have provided a full photographic inventory to detail anything that we thought might need to be noted in the way of condition or defects.

The property has mains water and the providers are (water provider) as well as (gas and electricity – with provider information).

We have informed (you must inform them) of the meter readings and put the services into your name.

Insurance - It is our responsibility to insure the building but you must remember that your contents aren't insured by us and we would strongly suggest that you consider taking out tenant’s contents insurance which may also cover you should you incur any accidental damage such as spilling a fresh cup of coffee onto the lounge carpet!

Payments - Rent needs to be paid on the (...) day of the month. Of course you have already paid for the first month and so you will need to set up a standing order for future payments to (account details).

The rent is (£...) per calendar month and of course you will have to make sure you budget for bills such as electricity council tax etc.

As you know, your inventory has been carried out professionally by Exact Sussex, please check it carefully and retain it for future reference.

Repairs - Please do not hesitate to contact (us/the letting agent) as soon as you notice anything that might be wrong either now or at any time in the future.

Refuse - Recycling is on (day), general refuse is (day) and garden refuse is (day).

Parking - Please park responsibly (leave details of space/garage).

Area tips - There are some brilliant local restaurants nearby and here a couple of our favourites (restaurant info).

Some good takeaway restaurants are (take-away info).

The nearest bus stop is located in (bus info) and of course the railway station is (station info).

Finally we would again like to wish you every happiness in your new home!

Very best wishes.

(Landlord name and contact details).