Mark Completes 100 Mile South Downs Way Cycle Challenge

23 Jun, 2017

Robert Luff & Co. partner Mark Holding completed a gruelling 100 mile charity cycle challenge on Saturday.

Best Places to Get Dinner in Worthing and Lancing

22 Jun, 2017

Struggling for ideas on where to go for dinner in the Worthing and Lancing area? Or have you just moved to the area and need some recommendations? Let our staff help you out...

Want to Double Your Annual Rental Income? Invest In a Holiday Home!

22 Jun, 2017

Research carried out by Second Estates found that Landlords who own holiday homes in sought-after locations in the UK can earn up to six times the average weekly rent.

What Should Be on Your Moving Home Checklist?

21 Jun, 2017

When moving there are a million things running through your mind at once and it can be quite overwhelming. A ‘moving home checklist’ is your best bet of keeping your move organised and smooth.

Best places to get lunch in Worthing and Lancing

15 Jun, 2017

New to the area or just stuck for ideas of where to get lunch? Let our staff help you out....

Mark to Take on 100 Mile Cycle Challenge

24 May, 2017

Robert Luff & Co. partner Mark Holding will be taking on the challenge of a lifetime when he cycles 100 miles across the South Downs in June for charity.

Do You Have a Good Relationship with Your Landlord?

23 May, 2017

A recent survey carried out by property rental experts HomeLet which surveyed tenants for their views on the rental sector received a total of 20,000+ responses and a few answers that weren’t expected.

Is Selling a Property a Seasonal Activity Anymore?

19 May, 2017

A question we often get asked and whilst we don’t want to be accused of sitting on the fence, the answer isn’t quite as simple as naming a day that is the pinnacle of activity.

Buy to Let Property. Is the Party Over?

11 May, 2017

Just for a moment, sit back, relax and think, really think what you would do if one Saturday evening the six numbers read out on the lottery show were yours.

Tenant Fees, How Will a Ban Impact the Market?

20 Apr, 2017

Like every other letting agent, we currently charge an administration fee to incoming tenants which covers the significant cost of referencing, preparation of documents, credit checks and everything else required before a tenant moves in.

10 Facts About Worthing You Might Not Know

19 Apr, 2017

Think you know everything there is to know about Worthing? Think again. Here are 10 facts about the town you might not know.

Nine Tips For Buying a Home With a Partner

19 Apr, 2017

Buying a home with your partner (or someone else) can be a huge help to get on the property ladder.

If you’re not married and buying a property with your partner it can be tricky if things don’t work out. Luckily, some simple planning can protect you both financially if you go your separate ways.

10 Things to do in Worthing and Lancing on Rainy Days

7 Apr, 2017

Looking for something to do on a rainy day with the kids in the Worthing and Lancing areas? Here are 10 ideas...

Easter Offer - Personalised Easter Egg

29 Mar, 2017

 We are offering a free personalised Easter egg with every new instruction from today until Easter Sunday.

What Will 300k Get You?

15 Mar, 2017

The average UK house price is now just under £300,000 (£297,832 to be exact) in some parts of the UK this sum will get you a 5 bed detached house while in central London you would be lucky to find a studio flat.

But, what can you get for under £300k in Worthing and Lancing today?

Can You Beat an Estate Agent?

15 Mar, 2017

Ever wanted to get one over on an estate agent? Well now’s your chance!

Join Robert Luff & Co this Red Nose Day to see if you can come out victorious against one of our estate agents in a bike race.

Landlords! Are You Ready for the New Tax Rules?

14 Mar, 2017

You may have already heard of the new tax rules coming in this April. It may start slowly but by 2020 landlords will only be able to claim up to 20% tax relief on mortgage interest payments.

Rule Change at Bank of England Makes It Easier to Secure a Mortgage

13 Mar, 2017

Is now the right time to secure a mortgage? A little known rule change could help you buy your perfect home.

Still No Date Set on Letting Fees Ban

9 Mar, 2017

It's been more than a month since the Housing White Paper was published and the widely anticipated letting fees ban still has no date set in stone. Introduced during last year's autumn statement the initial reaction.

BBC Unveils the Help to Buy Scheme Impact Across the Country

17 Feb, 2017

Research completed by the BBC has given light on how the Help to Buy scheme has boosted home ownership for first-time buyers in the three years since its launch in April 2013.

Tenancy Deposit Protection - What is it and what protection do I get?

16 Feb, 2017

When renting a property many landlords require that you give them a deposit. This is often 4-6 weeks’ rent - which can amount to over £1,000.

Not many people have this kind of cash spare so knowing that your deposit is safe and that you will get it back at the end of your tenancy is important.

Selling a tenanted property

8 Feb, 2017

If you are thinking about selling a tenanted property then this article gives you some things you should consider...

What is the difference between freehold and leasehold?

2 Feb, 2017

When property hunting you will probably come across the terms ‘freehold’ and ‘leasehold’. Confused about what they mean? Let us help you out...

Best places to get lunch in Worthing and Lancing

20 Dec, 2016

New to the area or just stuck for ideas of where to get lunch? Let our staff help you out....

Winter Garden Ideas

5 Oct, 2016

Selling or not, it’s a great idea to get the garden looking it’s best for Winter.